What's Cooking? Mexican Recipes

Vive Mexico!  Let me repeat it again.  Vive Mexico!  What a country with so much good food!  And, oh so very gratefully, my recipes come with stories and people that have crossed my path.  Grab your apron and spoon, gather up some very fresh vegetables (and cactus), heat up the oven, and come along with your appetite.  And, it doesn't hurt to say one more time, Vive Mexico!

Cheese Dip
Chimichurri Sauce
Fried Cactus
Mango Frappe
Pazole with Pork and
Poc Chuc
Pollo a la Yuca Teca
Salsa Picante
Salsa Roja
Salsa Verde
Stuffed Peppers in Walnut
    Sauce, (Chiles en
Sonia's Stuffed Peppers