Another Poblano I met along the way, but not Sonia's
Moises worked at the school where I painted in Piedras Negras, and he spoke great English. So, of course, I asked him about his favorite dish which started me on my stuffed pepper quest. After my first sampling, and a whole lot of raving, Moises said that I also needed his wife Sonia's recipe.
Sonia's Stuffed Peppers
Piedras Negras, Mexico
Chiles to serve Eight
  8 roasted poblano chiles   1 potato, peeled & chopped
  1 pound ground beef   1 cup tomato puree
  1 pound ground pork   salt to taste
  oil for frying   1/2 bouillon cube
  4 cloves of garlic   1/2 cup chopped parsley
  1 medium onion, minced   and you may want to think about this,
  3 chopped carrots   .....4 cups of sour cream for the sauce
Salsa to go with your Peppers    
  6 guajillo chiles   a little bit of oil
  3 tomatoes   salt ot taste
  1 clove of garlic   1/2 bouillon cube

Yep, roasting peppers puts me in a panic. You have to roast, de-vein and clean your poblano chiles. Honestly, I've never roasted a chile in my life and I certainly never thought of deveining one. But, clean off the blackened skin, slit the peppers open, and clean out the insides.

The next step is more manageable. Fry up the meat with some oil to get rid of the pink. After all, we all know that if it is still pink, it is still alive. Then, add the garlic, onion and vegetables. Next items to go into the mix are the tomato puree, salt, bouillon cube, and parsley. Cook them until the vegetables are cooked. Of course, I would prefer a time for this step, but experts in the kitchen would know when everything is properly prepared. We all know I'm no expert in the kitchen. But, when the vegetables are cooked, stuff them into the peppers and set them aside.

Everyone seems to make their chile salsa a little differently. Microwave the chiles with the tomatoes and garlic for a minute and a half. Pull out your trusty little blender, add the microwaved goods to a little oil, season with salt and half a bouillon cube. This sauce is for looks as well as taste. Spread a little of it on each plate before placing your stuffed pepper in the center. Then, finally, cover your dish with cream. Now, in my original recipe, it said 1/2 liter of cream. When I asked about that, I was told it meant sour cream. Then, I had to check on 1/2 liter. That's four cups! I would never use half a cup of sour cream per poblano chile. So, once again, feel flexible to eat a little healthier and live a little longer if you so desire. It's still going to taste great.

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