Salsa Verde

Growing up in the mid-west, instead of Mexico, the idea of making my own salsa was such a foreign concept. I mean seriously, who would make fresh salsa when you can buy it in a perfectly good glass jar right next to the chips in the grocery store? The answer to that question is about everyone in Mexico. Fresh vegetables are readily available at the neighborhood market, and if you have a blender at home, you're all set for a very easy -- and oh, so deliciso -- treat.

Salsa Verde
Carlos Gomez Peralta, Playa del Carmen, Mexico
  12 green tomatoes   2 jalepenos peppers
  1 handful of cilantro   1 avocado
  1 pinch of salt   1/2 juice from lime
  1 or 2 cloves of garlic   1 blender

My host in Playa del Carmen was very pleased to show me how to make this dish. I think he was a little surprised that I had to write it down, but things in the kitchen just do not come naturally for me.

Now you might be a little shocked when the reicpe asks for twelve tomatoes. The ones used in this salsa were about the size of ping pong balls. Cut off the stem area and toss them in the blender. Everything else in the recipe is pretty easy to understand.

I don't know if I've ever actually purchased or seen a raw jalepeno pepper. I only know them when they are sliced up at a salad bar. Those peppers were much bigger than I expected, at least three or four inches long. Cut off the stem and toss them in the blender with everything else. Now, if you are really in the mood to celebrate the Day of the Dead or you just want a mouthful of fire, feel free to add all the jalapeños your little heart desires. I'd be happy to share salsa with you.

This is all the preparation and work you have to do. Plop on the blender lid, and let your trusty blender do the work. Don't plop on the lid and you are liable to have an accident and lose a lot of this green salsa. You don't want to lose any of it.

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