Fried Cactus

Now, if nachos, enchiladas and tacos don't "float your boat", well, you must be crazy. However, not to worry with your insanity. I had another new treat at a Mexican barbeque. It was grilled cactus. And, according the recipe I was told, it's a fairly easy process.

First, go out into the field and cut down some cactus. They really did prepare it this way. I'm told you can go to the store to buy your cactus, but mine was freshly cut down in the field for me. Then, you peel off the cactus spines with a knife. I'm not sure how that is done without a lot of pain in the process. If you are truly insane, I guess you could skip this step.

Squeeze lemon juice over the cactus and grill it. It's that simple. I was told it sort of tastes like fried green tomatoes. I can offer no opinion on that because I may eat cactus, but I'd never eat fried green tomatoes. N E V E R!

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CopCopyright 2016 by Phillip Martin All rights reserved.yright 2016 by Phillip Martin All rights reserved.