Cheese Dip
the real, authentic Mexican way, in Mexico

I wanted to know the exact cheese and procedures used by the Mexican women I met in Piedras Negras. I wanted to be sure to get it right. These women were amazing in the kitchen and I wanted to finally reveal the mystery. And, I got it.

If you want to enjoy your nachos with cheese the way Mexicans do, go to the store and buy your cheese dip. If it isn't hot enough, you can add some more jalapeno peppers, but there is no need for any more fuss than this. I love this recipe!

On the other end of the country in Playa del Carmen, my friend Javier disagreed. And, it wasn't so easy to find any nacho cheese in a jar. The traditional method that I hoped to discover was still used. And what exactly is traditional? Mama Javier used Oaxaca cheese. It's a white cheese which comes in little mounds that are actually long strands of cheese kind of clumped together. Javier said you take off a strip of cheese in your desired length, place it on top of your nachos, and nuke it all in the microwave. After that, you can dress things up with salsa, jalapenos and whatever else suits your Mexican tastes with Nachos.

However, be warned, white cheese melts into white cheese sauce. There is nothing to make it the yellow color you may have come to expect if you eat authentic nachos in Playa del Carmen.

Copyright 2016 by Phillip Martin All rights reserved.
Copyright 2016 by Phillip Martin All rights reserved.