................the first wall in Namibia.................
The mural count is now 60 murals on 4 continents in 26 countries!
Where's the next one? Even I don't know the answer to that right now.

I'm a firm believer in what goes around comes around. People ask why I have my clip art out on the Internet for free. Well, for the moment, I enjoy helping people and hearing from them. This service has provided some neat opportunities for me. I've had my cartoons on a television commercial, used with PowerPoint presentations in multiple languages, on book covers, published in a series of educational DVD's, and then there was the email from Margaret.

I don't often get email from Africa. Margaret worked in Namibia and searched online for some artwork to use at a daycare center for Aids orphans in the Windhoek area. She stopped when she found my site. All she needed was my permission because she found all the art she needed. Of course, I instantly said yes. Absolutely use my art at the center!

Then, I thought about it for five minutes and sent another email message.

I told Margaret that I not only wanted them to use my art but I wanted them to use me. I volunteered to go to Namibia and help with the painting if they were interested. When she recovered from the initial shock, she invited me to Africa. I wrote to my friends that it was a once in a life time experience that couldn't be missed. One of them wrote back and said that it was just another in a series of Phillip Martin experiences that nobody else seemed to get. He wasn't surprised at all about Africa. I was.

It never occurred to me to paint murals for kids. I don't think that idea ever would have come to me. When Margaret suggested murals to me, it sounded like such a perfect fit. Namibia was the first mural. But, I knew it wouldn't be the last. I'd be back to the wall again and again. It was just the beginning.


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  Mural 1 Windhoek, Namibia 1
  Murals 2, 3 Antwerp, Belgium 2,3
  Mural 4 Moldavia, Romania 4
  Mural 5 Antwerp, Belgium 5
  Murals 6, 7 Gjirokaster, Albania 6,7
  Mural 8 Moldavia, Romania 8
  Murals 9, 10 Tallinn, Estonia 9,10
  Murls 11, 12 Potchefstroom, S. Africa 11,12
  Mural 13 Manzini, Swaziland 13 ish
  Mural 14, 15 Westbury, South Africa 14, 15
  Mural 16 Potchefstroom, South Africa 16
  Murals 17, 18 Santa Cruz, Galapagos Is. 17, 18
  Mural 19 Floreana, Galapagos Islands 19
  Mural 20 Isabela, Galapagos Islands 20
  Murals 21, 22 Omepete, Nicaragua 21,22
  Mural 23 San Jose, Costa Rica 23
  Mural 24 Aix-en-Provence, France 24
  Mural 25 Piedras Negras, Mexico 25
  Mural 26 Columbus, Ohio, USA (King Avenue) 26
  Mural 27 Cuenca, Ecuador 27
  Mural 28 Tamboccocha, Peru 28
  Mural 29 Columbus, Ohio, USA (Hilltop) 29
  Mural 30 Asunción, Paraguay 30
  Mural 31 Santa Maria de Fe, Paraguay 31
  Mural 32 Port-au-Prince, Haiti 32
  Mural 33 Rochester, New York, USA 33
  Mural 34 Piedras Negras, Mexico 34
  Mural 35 Gjirokaster, Albania 35
  Mural 36 Kamina, D. R. Congo 36 The Kids Section!
  Mural 37 Columbus, Ohio, USA (Hubbard) 37 The Kids Section!
  Mural 38 San Pedro, Belize 38 The Kids Section!
  Mural 39 Copan Ruinas, Honduras 39 The Kids Section!
  Mural 40, 41 Earth Univ. Costa Rica 40,41 The Kids Section!
  Mural 42 Columbus, Ohio USA (NNEMAP) 42 The Kids Section!
  Mural 43 Zorzor, Liberia
The Kids Section!
  Mural 44 Zwedru, Liberia .... 44 The Kids Section!
  Mural 45 Tiraspol, Transnistria
The Kids Section!
  Mural 46 Chisinau, Moldova
The Kids Section!
  Mural 47 Suva, Fiji
The Kids Section!
  Mural 48 Yaren, Nauru 48 The Kids Section!
  Mural 49 Playa del Carmen, Mexico 48 The Kids Section!
  Mural 50 Barbosa Ferraz, Brasil 48 The Kids Section!
  Mural 51 Barbosa Ferraz, Brasil 48 The Kids Section!
  Mural 52 Bainbridge, Ohio, USA 48 The Kids Section!
  Mural 53 Columbus, Ohio, USA (Trevitt) 48 The Kids Section!
  Mural 55 Columbus, Ohio, USA (Tremont)   The Kids Section!
  Mural 56 Ashville, Ohio, USAo..   The Kids Section!
  Mural 57 Cancun, Mexico   The Kids Section!
  Mural 58 Columbus, Ohio, USA (Crossroads)o   The Kids Section!
  Mural 59 Standpipe, Kingston, Jamaica   The Kids Section!
  Mural 60 Rose Town, Kingston, Jamaica   The Kids Section!
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