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In the News in Moldova

My long-standing record for making the news in a mural story was twice in Albania.  Well, no record stands forever.  I just didn't expect to see it shattered in Moldova.  I had one national radio interview and five - count 'em - five television interviews while in Chisinau.

Alas, and alas again!  Videos on YouTube just don't last forever.  The links no longer worked.  Fortunately, for each of them, I screen-captured information that also ran on the networks' websites.  Whew!

Interview 1 Jurnal TV 
Interview 2 Pro TV
Interview 3 Accent TV
Interview 4 Jurnal TV
Interview 5 Publika MD
the news story for 1
the news story for 2
the news story for 3
the news story for 4
the news story for 5