Interview 5 - In the News with Publika Moldova in Chisinau, Moldova

The Auxilary School No. 7 knew how to throw a celebration and a mural dedication!

Faculty and administration weren’t dressed to the nines.  It was way past that. And, me?  I showed up in my U.S. Embassy/Phillip Martin T-shirt.  Fortunately, one of the other officers from the Public Affairs office had the same idea as me.

I was informed that the unprecedented was about the happen.  Both the U.S. Ambassador, James Pettit, and the Deputy Chief of Mission (number 2 at the embassy), Julie Stufft, planned to attend the dedication.  The two of them together at dedications just never happened.  But, the word was out at the embassy that something very neat had happened.  Of course, since I was on television three times during week, the word should have been out.  While I was impressed and delighted, my friends in the Public Affairs Office were more shocked.

The press was there,too.  I had television interviews number four and five as well as a radio interview with Radio Moldova.  I certainly wasn’t in Ohio with this kind of attention.