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Activities about Fiji

History - The British brought Indian indentured servants to Fiji.  Their descendants now make up 40% of the population.  This lesson, the Story of India, explores British attitudes towards the people of the subcontinent.

Religion - There are many sources to gather information on Hinduism.  Included in that list are PBS, Education World, Hinduism Today and Mr. Dowling.

Art - The NEA provides lessons for the teacher on Asia and the Pacific Islands month.  There is a lot to choose from, however my personal favorite is the Polynesian “Medicine” Stick.

Social Studies - Crayola (so that means fun) created a lesson for studying the way islands are formed. Of course, it’s hands on so it’s what you want and need.  National Geographic also has more in-depth information for the classroom teacher on this subject.

Art and Architecture - Generally, I’m a fan of anything Crayola does.  It didn’t happen with this lesson.  Do your research.  Find out what traditional houses look like in Fiji.  Please, see if you can create a better sample than the one provided in this lesson.

Science - If you’re going to eat them, you might as well know the parts of the taro plant.  Warning.  Only eat them after the parts have been cooked.

Art - You seriously can’t talk about Fiji and not mention tapa cloth for an inspiring art lesson.  There is so much to choose from.  Find samples online and create your own lesson.  Or, see what is offered by the San Diego Museum of Art, that artist woman, or the New Zealand Government’s ESOL online.

Biology and Sociology - I’m sure it’s the question Reverend Thomas Baker would have wanted to ask.  Is cannibalism ever a good idea?  Michigan State offers a lesson to help answer the question that should already be a resounding NO!

Home Economics - Speaking of what not to eat and what to eat, there are so many recipe resources with Fijian cooking. For starters, check out Sneh’s Indo-Fijian Recipes, the Fijian Kitchen, Fijian Cooking with the Guardian and Fijian Recipes 4 Us. Of course, don’t forget the recipes I gathered as well.

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