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Swaziland is one of the smallest countries in Africa and one of the continent's three remaining monarchies. It was one of the last of Great Britain's colonies in Africa, gaining independence in 1968. South Africa surrounds Swaziland on three sides. Mozambique is the neighbor on the east side of the country.

The name Swaziland was created from the name of one of the country's kings, Mswati. Kings in Swaziland are always selected by the Queen Mother.

Swaziland has been inhabited since the Stone Age. Cave Paintings by the San have been discovered across the country.

More than a million people live in Swaziland. The country has two capital cities. Mbabne is the largest city in Swaziland and the administrative capital. Lobamba is the the traditional, royal capital.

There are two official languages in Swaziland. English is the official language of the government, but most people speak SiSwati.

Much of Swaziland is covered with mountains, rainforests and valleys. Most of the Swazi people (80%) are farmers.

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