Activities about South Africa

1. Social Studies     Inspired by Nelson Mandela, who has inspired most of the world, this site has a variety of reading activities. They help to introduce one of South Africa's most famous people to young readers.

2. Literature     Learning to Give has a folks tale from South Africa called The Collared Crow, The Ostrich - Egg Wife, and Selekana and the River God.

3. Literature     In need of even more South African Folk Tales? This 1910 collection by James A Honey, M.D. is really big.

4. Art     If you can create your own art activity by looking at samples that other people have created, you may get inspiration for African art on this Pinterest link.

5. Art     If you are not familiar with the Ndebele people and their art, it is time to discover them.  Their patterns are geometric, bold, and decorate everything from homes to cars and bicycles.  So check out what TupTupTup has to offer, or research images for your own inspiration.

6. Art     Hand enough Ndebele art yet?  This Teachnology lesson has more background and is for older students.