Activities about Peru

1. Multi-Disciplinary........ You know what comes first. Yep, as always, your first stop when searching for any subject should be pppst.com, closely followed by mrdonn.org.

2. History ....... If you are interested in the Inca civilization and artifacts, a good place to start is with National Geographic. Of course, Mr. Donn has information about the Incas and the Incas for Kids and pppst.com is there to help with powerpoint presentations.

3. History....... PBS provides lessons on several of the conquistadors. The section on Pizarro, who conquerored the Incas looks especially interesting with activities using quipus and boiled potatoes.

4. Social Studies ........Most people think of Brazil when they think of the Amazon Rainforest, but it begins in Peru. TeAchnology provides a wide variety of lessons for teachers to choose from to learn about the region.

5. Geography ........ Discovery Education provides a lesson that introduces students to the geographical regions of the Andes Mountains.

6. Geography ........ As in many parts of the world, the rights of indigenous people are both important and controversial. Many people in Peru still speak Quechua, the language of the Incas, as well as other Amerindian languages. The lesson by PBS introduces students to some of the issues.

7. Art ........ Inspired by Peru's Nazca Lines, this art activity by Fun Art for Kids explores the use of line in creating forms.

8. Art ........ Yeah! Once again, Princeton's Incredible @rt Department has come up with several weaving activities. They lend themselves to any age level as well as budget. If you do a Google search for Peruvian weavings, it will only enhance your lesson.

9. Literature ........ I couldn't resist this one. If you are teaching about rhyming words, you might just have to check out Is Your Mama a Llama? I couldn't tell who hosted the lesson but it was written by Holly Stachler.

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