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There are a lot of rivers on the border between Paraguay and its neighbors. However, there aren't so many bridges. Crossing over from Cuidad del Este into Brazil was a nightmare day or night. The bridge only had two lanes. Yes, they squeezed it into three and a half (the half for motorcycles). But, I promise you that you would never enjoy the ride. So, it would be my advice to fly into Paraguay.

If you book your flight without the help of a travel agent, be sure to look at the layover times. My flights were about 16 hours to get there and leave the place. That was by far the shortest flight time I saw. One flight (that I didn't book) had a 22 hour layover along the way. So, be warned and shop around.

No matter how long it takes, know that you most likely are going to be tired whether you are coming or going. My exit trip started with an 11:00 PM arrival at the airport for a 2:00 AM departure. I was tired before the whole thing even started.

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