Murals 25 in Columbus, Ohio, the heart of Buckeye Nation

There were some unique things about the mural at King Avenue.  First of all, it was my first mural in America.  With the other murals, there was a flurry of activity, along with the pressure of time deadlines, over a few days.  They always got done on time, but there have been several long days on occasion to get the mission accomplished on a deadline. 
This mural project took about two months to complete, with most of the painting on Saturdays.  It was such a relaxed pace.

I'm willing to paint anywhere, as you already know.  And, I don't let language stop me.  Pointing and demonstrating goes a long way to communicate with people who don't speak the same language.  But, I must say, it was very easy to work with people of all ages who all spoke the same language as me.

As you probably know, many of my murals are in unique corners of the world where most people never travel.  I mean seriously, who else do you know who has gone to Estonia, Albania, Swaziland, and the Galapagos Islands for mural projects?

This mural is in my home town in a location where I can see every week.  It's kind of nice to go back to it whenever I like.  And, every time I see it, I'm reminded of the amazing things that can happen when a group of people decide to come together to do something good.