Adventure in Ohio

On occasion, when I have traveled with my paintbrushes, there have been a few newspaper articles and even a couple television appearances.  However, it doesn't happen that often.  All too often, the people I help don't have any more connections than I do in their home country.  That really wasn't the case in Ohio. When someone said that the mural should be in the newspaper, I asked if they had any connections.  I didn't expect two people in the group to instantly say, "Yes!"

Again, it is wonderful to communicate in the only language I really speak.  And, when the reporter from the Columbus Dispatch showed up at the mural site, he spent an entire hour gathering information.   He not only interviewed me, but he talked to several people.  I had no idea how he could weave the information all together, but I think he did a very good job on the article.

Decide for yourself.