Recipes from Ohio . . . er, Nashville

When you read through the "Adventure in Ohio" section, you will understand why I left Ohio in the middle of winter (okay, it was a wonderfully warm winter) and headed to the Capital of Country Music, Nashville, Tennessee.  The seminar I attended was very brief, although possibly life changing, but the weekend with my cousin Helen was much longer, so much fun, and extremely delicious.  And, it is always better to explore any city with someone who knows the place.

We ate out about as much as we ate in her home.  Either way was just wonderful.  The starter for the weekend was her homemade white chili.  I had to get the recipe right away.  Sometimes I gather recipes without actually making the dish.  Honestly, that happens a lot.  However, I did make this and it was successful.  However, Helen, I’d be the last to say that I cook as well as you.

My cousin was a fantastic host in Nashville.  The only disappointment of the trip had nothing to do with food.  Helen said she frequently had celebrity sitings in Nashville.  She goes to the cinema and often looks over to see Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban.  Who does that??  She mentions several names of stars who cross her path either at fund raisers, through mutual friends, or at a lazy little diner for breakfast.  Well, we never saw one of them while I was there.  But, right after I left, two tables away from her at a restaurant sat Vince Gill.

Anyway, her chili is still good.

Helen's White Chili
Nashville, Tennessee

Step One   Prepare the Beans
  1 lb dried navy beans      

Rinse the beans.  Cover them with two inches of water and bring to a rapid boil.  Let them boil for two minutes.  Cover and remove from heat.  Let the beans sit for an hour.  Then, pour off the water.

Step Two    Prepare the Meat
  4  large boneless skinless   1 Tbs minced garlic  
             chicken breasts   dash of salt and pepper
  1 lb ground turkey    2 small cans chopped chillies
  1 medium onion, diced   1 Tbs olive oil
  ½ cup red bell pepper    
Brown the meat and onions with olive oil.  Add in bell pepper, garlic, salt, pepper and green chillies.
Step Three Putting It All Together
  Salt to taste    1 Tbs ground cumin
  1 Tbs oregano   2 tsp black pepper
  1 tsp white pepper    

Put beans in a crock pot with 6 ½ cups of water.  Then add the above spices.  Add the meat and stir it up well.Cook for six hours.  For the first two hours, cook on high temperature.  Then, lower the heat.

Serve with grated mozzarella as desired and top with a spoonful or two of salsa.

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