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Activities about Nauru

Economics - These are not lessons. However, if you want background information about the history of phosphate and what happened to all that wealth, you can read information provided by the Center for International Maritime Security as well as The Economist.

Science - The U.S. Department of Energy created several lesson plans on the tropical western Pacific. If you have an interest in subjects like Acid Rain, Air Pressure, Climate, Environmental Changes and Global Warming, this is worth a look.

Art - The Met Museum has a photo of a weaving from Nauru made in the late 19th century - early 20th century. It's made of pandanus leaves, feathers, shell bead, shark's teeth and fibers. Yes, I know that these are not exactly neighborhood items. But, for a creative teacher in search of an art lesson from the South Pacific, this could be an inspiration. Dick Blick Art Materials provides a wealth of weaving lessons for all age levels.

Literature - Unbroken, the Louis Zamperini Story (both the book and the movie) is the tale of one heroic Olympian and World War II prisoner of war. Nauru was a Japanese held island during the war and so it played a small part in this incredible story. Definitely worth a read, and so is Zamperini's official website.

Health - No lesson, but certainly discussion potential. Health Promotion International discusses the implementation of taxing soft drinks in four Pacific nations in an effort to improve health.

Social Science - Not a lesson, but Countries and their Cultures provides a good source of information about Nauru. History, Political Life, Urbanization (or the lack of it), Food, Economy, Linguistics, it's all here.

Social Science - Refugee camps are now a part of Nauru and they come with their share of controversy. The UNHCR provides a lesson for students to compare life in a camp to life in their hometown. This particular lesson focuses on Africa, but the lesson still brings home a powerful message. And POV 20 provides a lesson plan on the Challenges of Refugee Resettlement.

Science and Economics - How can a lesson lose if it has chocolate chip cookies? Seriously. This lesson by Earth Science Week introduces students to the economics of mining. Students pay for property, equipment, operations and reclamation.

Home Economics - Food is always a hit in the classroom. So, if you are in search of recipes from Nauru, here are a few starters for you from Global Table Adventure, 196 Flavors, Ethnic Foods R US, Cliffieland and the Global Reader. Of course, OF COURSE, you'll also want to check out the recipes I gathered from my experience in Nauru.

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