Namibia is one of Africa's youngest countries. It gained independence from South Africa in 1990.

The name "Namibia" comes from the Namib Desert, one of the world's oldest deserts.

The tallest sand dunes in the world are in Sossusvlei.

Namibia is one of the least densely populated countries in the world! The average is 6.5 people per square mile.

Since early times, the San (Bushmen) were the first people to live in Namibia. Cave paintings by prehistoric artists give hints about their lives.

Bantu people migrated to Namibia in the 17th century.

European explorers first arrived in 1485. More Europeans, especially Germans, came in the 1800's. You can see onion domes, just like those in Europe, when you travel around Namibia

Cape Cross, just north of Swakopmund, is the home of 200,000 cape fur seals. They are so beautiful to see. But, they are not so beautiful to smell.

The main jobs in Namibia are herding, agriculture, mining and tourism.

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