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As I already stated, the name "Namibia" comes from the Namib Desert, one of the world's oldest deserts, and the tallest sand dunes in the world are in Sossusvlei.

I visited Sossusvlei. And, I firmly believe that is where a mosquito carrying malaria bit me. In spite of getting really sick about ten days later, those dunes were impressive. So, I thought I'd look for sand related lesson plans inspired by Sossulvlei.

1. Art ..In this art activity students add food coloring to sand before creating sand paintings. Not only is it a color wheel activity (Red food coloring plus blue food coloring

mixed with white sand makes purple sand.) but it can be tied into the study of many cultures. The lesson could be linked with African fabric designs or any other culture studied.

2. Art ..Looking for more art in the classroom? This lesson explains how to use sand as a mold for plaster art. It's not written in the lesson, but for a science tie in, you could estimate how much water is needed for the task to work properly.

3. Art / Science / Social Studies ..In Namibia, ostrich eggshells are used in many contemporary art forms. This lesson plan (in a pdf file) uses small pieces of wood and cardstock to closely resemble the thick shell pieces of this Namibian art form. Of course, you cold also use chicken egg shells and sand.

4. Science .. If you have access to actual sand dunes, this is a great observation lesson about the size of grains of sand and their location in different parts of a dune. You should have a field trip to some dunes, but if you are lucky enough to have access to them, this lesson is a winner.

5. Science ..This hands-on activity introduces students to the density of sand and how it relates to the formation of sedimentary rocks.

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