Activities on Moldova

1. Social Studies - For an unusual twist in the news, a Moldovan News Crew who came to Milwaukee to report on civic responsibility.

2. History - An introduction to Transnistria: the Nation that Doesn't Exist with The Big Issue.

3. History - The Holocaust stretched across Europe to include Moldova. The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum provides a variety of lesson plans for students of all ages.

4. History - Education World provides an abundance of lessons as well as advice to teachers of the Holocaust.

5. History - April Smith's lesson on Nationalism includes the fall of the Austro-Hungarian Empire which included a portion of Moldova.

6. History - Moldova was once a part of the Ottoman Empire which spanned across the Eastern Mediterranean.  This unit by the Turkish Cultural Foundation introduces the Empire.

7. Religion - The majority of the population of Moldova is Orthodox Christian. Illumination Learning provides resources, activities, curriculum and lessons for those who want to learn more about this faith.

8. Art - Psyanky eggs decoration dates back to 1300 BC next door in the Ukraine. Check out these art lessons with Incredible @rt Department, Pacific University, and Teaching Your Middle Schooler.