Mexican Independence

I came to see Mexican dancing in the streets, taste the fiesta of celebration food, and enjoy a lot of green, white and red. It was so much more than I ever could have expected. My personal favorite was the dancing. Leo, a teacher at the Montessori Institute, and his troupe gave a dance at the school. I got the close up photos that I could never have gotten Sunday night in the very crowded plaza.

As we waited in the plaza for the fireworks, there was some signal that went off in the crowd. I have no idea what it was, but hundreds of people reached for their cans of spray shaving cream. Piedras Negras may never have ever had a flake of snow, but they know what it's like to have white stuff raining down upon them. It looked like a blizzard for a few seconds and nobody was safe.
Even the food was green, white and red with these stuffed, green pablano chile peppers, topped with sour cream and pomegranate seeds. It was my personal favorite!
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