Mexican Activities

1. FOR STARTERS .....You know the routine. When you begin any search about anything your first stop should always be pppst.com and then wander on to see what Mr. Donn has for you.

2. ART.....I've recommended the Incredible Art Department from Princeton before. However, they really outdid themselves on Mexican lessons. Of course, there is art inspired by Frida Kahlo (as there should be when you talk about Mexico). However, there are so many things to choose from that could be adapted to a lot of ages.

3. MULTIPLE SUBJECTS.....If you want to sort through a variety of ideas about Mexico to use in your class, Questconnect gives you a whole lot of material.

4. MULTIPLE SUBJECTS.....Need even more ideas to sort through? Teacher Stuff from A to Z provides suggestions on how to make a poncho and pinata for starters. There's more than that, so give it a look over.

5. CINCO DE MAYO.....Surprise, surprise! This holiday has nothing to do with Mexican independence. To learn about the holiday and find a lot of related activities, Apples for the Teacher has come to the rescue.

6. HISTORY.....Want to know more about the Aztecs? EDSITEment, a project of the National Endowment for the Humanities, could be what you are looking for. None of the activities include human sacrifice

7. HISTORY.....Now, if you prefer studying the Mayans, go to Teacher Vision.

8. DAY OF THE DEAD.....For back ground information on this holiday, check out Mommy Maestra. Then, check out the activity links. I really like the sugar skulls activity at Mexican Sugar Skull.com

9. IMMIGRATION....It may be hard to imagine leaving friends and family to move to another country. However, many Mexicans cross the Rio Grande every year. The National Center for History in the Schools has a wealth of information.

10. FACS....If reading, writing, and artistic creation isn't enough for you, how about food? There is so much good Mexican food. And, if you want to know how to make some yourself, DLTK's Growing Together may be just your meal ticket.

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