A Very Special Thanks to the People who made this Experience possible in Liberia

Paul Hinshaw -- who knew a good thing when he saw it - me!     

Cornelius -- for safely escorting me over roads I didn’t think were passable     

Joshua -- Principal of Multilateral High School and long-time friend     

Joshua's Family -- for teaching me how to make palm butter     

Baby Kevin -- no longer a baby, but a charming tour guide     

Jouthy -- Coordinator for the American Corner at Multilateral and the mural     

Jouthy's second wife, Victoria -- for teaching me how to make beans gravy     

12 Volunteer Painters in the Zwedru community     

Patrick -- who tied all of our ideas together for the mural     

Koko -- who showed me how to really dance like an African     

Jeffrey -- for pulling off an African miracle     

Rick and Robert -- dinner partners at the Florida Guest House terrace     

Harrison -- for my favorite Liberian meal with my only namesake, Martin     

Radio Gee -- for spreading the word about a white man in Grand Gedeh     

Daniel -- who knew the only white man who would search for him     

Teresa -- Daniel’s wife who taught me to make rice cake     

The entire community of Deabo -- for unmatched skill in welcoming     

Gabriel -- who brought me back to Monrovia, laughing all the way     


a Host of People at the State Department who moved Heaven, Earth, and the Liberian Embassy for my Visa