Activities about Liberia

1. MULTIPLE SUBJECTS.....You may enjoy a first hand account when you explore Liberia. Check out my travel website on Liberia, as well as a whole lot more of Africa.

2. LANGUAGE ARTS.....Okay, you should explore my website about Liberian folk tales. The site includes three stories, also written as plays, as well as coloring sheets, recipes and lesson ideas. The stories were collected as part of my Peace Corps assignment in Liberia.

3. HEALTH and NUTRITION.....Any study on any subject is better with food. Explore some of my recipes collected in Liberia as well as more from Mission Minded Kids, Food in Every Country and Liberian Forum. On YouTube, you can find video of Liberian food set to music.

4. MULTIPLE SUBJECTS.....This PDF is a wealth of information about Liberia with early history, maps, assorted tribes, recipes and customs.

5. HISTORY.....Global Connections with WOSU has this lesson on the Historic Ties between the United States and Liberia.

6. HISTORY.....Little America in Liberia discusses the colonial efforts of former slaves as they moved back to Africa.

7. ART..... West African Art: Liberia and Sierra Leone from Art History Teaching Resources includes history, background, masks, clothing and suggested reading.

8. HEALTH.....Like it or not, Ebola put Liberia in the news. Fortunately, the World Health Organization declared Liberia "Ebola free". This PBS lesson about the Ebola Outbreak helps to explain the crisis.

9. HEALTH.....The New York Times created two lesson plans about Learning from Disaster: Exploring the Ebola Epidemic. The first lesson explores the outbreak in West Africa and the second is about prevention in the United States.

10. ART.....African Mask Design with Phillip Martin or with Arty Factory.com

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