Activities about Jamaica

1. MUSIC.....Smithsonian Folkways Recordings provides both lessons about Jamaican music as well as links to a variety of music with the local beat. And, if you're going to listen to anything Reggae, you must watch Bob Marley sing One Love on YouTube. If you can't help but move to the music, you can learn a few Jamaican Reggae dance steps as well.

2. HISTORY.....Love him or hate him, we all know who sailed the ocean blue in 1492. For lessons about Christopher Columbus, the National Education Association has a variety to choose from including "The Man, the Myth and the Legend" and "What Was Columbus Thinking?"

3. HISTORY.....Brainpop Educators continue with more on Columbus for grades 3 to 8 in "Reliving the Voyage with Google Earth and Scratch".

4. HISTORY.....In case you want even more on Christopher, Teaching History provides a lesson for Columbus Day entitled "Mythbusters". First myth busted, Chris wasn't the first explorer to reach the New World.

5. MUSIC.....It's the music of Jamaica. Learn more about Reggae music from EduRef.org

6. GEOGRAPHY.....Looking for some kid-friendly visuals about Jamaica? See what National Geographic Kids has to offer.

7. CUISINE..... To truly learn about Jamaica, you have to put your education where your mouth is. Explore local dishes (especially jerk chicken) on a variety of sites including Food Network, Jamaican.com, Food and Wine, All Recipes, Saveur, Chew Out Loud, and Buzzfeed.

8. ART.....Hands on Crafts for Kids provides some art activities for children that introduce a flavor of Jamaica.

9. LANGUAGE.....English is the official language, but English Patois is widely spoken. The mix of English with a West African influence can be challenging. This lesson by ESL Teachers Board introduces students to a taste of another language.

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