1. Social Studies .....As usual, I'm preaching to the choir. If you want to find any activities about Honduras, Central America and the Caribbean, your first step should be pppst.com. Tried, tested, approved and -- of course -- beautifully illustrated.

2. Social Studies .....You can't really study anything about Honduras without the Maya civilization. When you're done searching through pppst.com, your next stop should be mr.donn.org. It should always be on your search list. Yep, they are your go to site for Maya history and any other kind of history as well.

3. Social Studies .....If you want to know about the Maya, trust Scholastic to create lessons that you might find valuable.

4. Social Studies .....It's always nice to stick with names you know when searching for a website to help you in your class. PBS. Now, isn't that a name you trust? Their activities include art and recipes. In my book, you can never miss if a lesson includeds food.

5. Art .....Mayan art has fascinating detail. On this blog, Lines, Dots and Doodles, there are student made masks in a variety of colors. They could be made with paper mosaics and paper mache glue or with whatever material you choose. If I had my students do this activity, I would try to have them include some authentic Mayan detail from research.

6. Art .....The national bird of Honduras is the macaw. That is such a colorful bird! Of course, it leads itself to several art lessons. Check these out by Green Bean Kindergarten, Derrick the Artist (whose skills are far beyond mine), Wet Canvas and a cut out lesson by some artist named Phillip Martin.

7. Science .....Honduras has a coastline along the Caribbean. That means hurricanes will come. Like it or not, it's a part of life with Caribbean sunshine. There are many sites that have lessons about hurricanes for the classroom. That list includes Discovery Education, Education World, the National Education Association, National Geographic, but my personal favorite was the vast collection of ideas from A to Z Teacher Stuff.

8. FACS .....Okay, it really isn't a lesson plan, but I thought I would throw in some Honduran recipes. You never can lose if you add food to a lesson. Never! So, I found recipes for you from Food.com, Whats4eats.com, Sidewalk Mystic.com, Socialphy, Honduras.com, Roatan Online.com, Honduras.net, About.com as well as Every Last Recipe.com. There is sooooo very much to choose from. It should give you enough to have a great taste of Honduras, if not in your classroom, at least at your home.

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