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I guess some people come to Haiti by way of cruise ships. That hasn't been my way to travel. I'm not much into day tripping. I want to stay longer in a location and meet the local people. Nope, I've never taken a cruise.

I imagine that some people must cross over from the Dominican Republic. However, the last time I was in the D.R., the two countries were not on the best terms. It wasn't possible to cross the border waaaaay back then. Hopefully, the situation has changed.

So, most people fly into Haiti and that means you land in Port-au-Prince. The capital now boasts a new and vastly improved airport. It's a smooth experience through customs and baggage claim. However, if you don't have someone meeting you at the entrance, expect to face a mob of people wanting to carry your luggage to their taxi. Still, all things considered, it's way better than when I first visited Haiti. Back then, there were no computers and nobody at the airport spoke English. If you were arrested upon arrival into the country, it wasn't easy. But, you'll have to read that story in the Adventure in Haiti section.

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