Haitian Activities

1. Multi-Disciplinary........ You know what I always recommend as your first step. Yep, as always, your first stop when searching for any subject should be pppst.com, closely followed by mrdonn.org.

2. Current Events ....... People who think of islands in the Caribbean think of sunshine and paradise. Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. This lesson by the Guardian newspaper in the UK discusses some of the real issues that the people in Haiti face every day.

3. Current Events ....... On top of the problems faced with poverty, Haiti was struck by a devastating earthquake in January of 2010. This lesson by the Pulizer Center documents the stories of many people who survived the disaster and what happened in their lives in the year after the quake.

4. Current Events ....... And speaking of the earthquake, Freely Educate provides lessons that discuss the earthquake and its effect on Haiti.

5. Geology ....... There are a variety of lessons online about earthquakes. The New Mexico Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources provides activites where students operate a model to observe the type of motion that occurs at a fault during an earthquake.

6. Science ....... Haiti was once called the "Pearl of the Antilles". That pearl has suffered extreme deforestation. Crayola provides a lesson that introduces young children to the concept.

7. Art ....... If you souvenir shop in Haiti, you will find a wide variety of items that are made from recycled materials. The creativity of the Haitians is simply amazing. That is near and dear to my heart. I use recycled items frequently in my art classes. Recycled projects included rock painting, cutouts, and paper maché snakes.

8. Art ....... In the south of Haiti, the people in Jacmel create paper maché masks. That has always been one of my favorite projects. So, you can explore masks in my art lesson section, too.

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