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High School Students from Emile Zola Create the Wall along with Phillip Martin.

The students paint a mural under the friendly eye of the American artist.

Magalie Lombrana, an English teacher at Lycée Emile Zola High School was looking for an original way to teach the language of Shakespeare to her students. A trip? "Too expensive," she said. And then she discovered Phillip Martin, an American muralist, who offered to set up a project with her students. Since Monday, the students have been decorating a mural five meters by two, on their campus, supervised by the designer.

Little by little, they started speaking. "We talk together about the work to be done, all in English. I deal with highly motivated youth," says Phillip Martin with a smile. To find a theme for the mural, the artist had the help of 100 students. They did a brainstorming exercise in English and the theme of friendship became obvious.

The heat shaped planet with arteries leads to other aspects of friendship including brotherhood, soccer, visiting a sick friend, and -- not to forget -- Facebook. During the artist's lecture with the students, they had the opportunity to practice their English. Very interested and curious, they asked questions to Phillip Martin in his own language. Magalie Lombrana achieved her goal, making it both useful and pleasant, to gather people around the wall of friendship.

Under Photo With the artist the students learn to become muralists for a week. They are painting the wall of friendship on which faces and messages of brotherhood are mingled.

Inset about me Globetrotter, Phillip Martin goes from One Wall to the Next As an avid reader and someone who has a passion for maps, Phillip Martin decided when he was eighteen that he would travel to actually see what he had read about and seen on maps. He has toured in Africa and the Philippines. With the beginning of the Internet the experienced globetrotter/artist discovered that he could make a living with his brush strokes. He creates images with his clipart. A woman contacted him to get permission to use his creations on a mural in a center for people who are suffering with Aids. "I accepted and added that I would come to Africa to give a hand," remembers the artist. One mural leading to another, Phillip Martin pursues his path from wall to wall.

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