French Activities

1. ART .....Okay, I know Vincent Van Gogh was Dutch, but he lived a good portion of his life in France. Since I made a pilgrimage to Arles, I had to include him here. For a brief biography and a few lesson ideas, check out the suggestions by BrainPop.

2. ART .....You can't talk about French art with mentioning the Impressionists. And, you can talk about them without mentioning Claude Monet. The Incredible Art Department at Princeton provides teachers with an abundance of art lessons including Monet.

3. ART .....In Aix-en-Provence, where I painted my mural, you are in the stomping grounds of Paul Cézanne. He painted the mountain Sainte Victoire which overlooks the city. Art through the Ages provides a biography of the artist as well as classroom suggestions.

4. HISTORY.....Into the French Revolution? This lesson for high school focuses on Marie Antoinette and the Revolution. Let them eat cake and then see what PBS has to say.

5. HOME EC.....Nothing interests students in French culture like French cooking. I still remember falling in love with French onion soup in Madame Heine's class. For a whole host of recipes, check out the French cooking on Ask.com.

6. LITERATURE.....Perhaps they've seen the play Les Mis? Certainly they saw the cartoon about the Hunchback of Notre Dame! This lesson on Learning to Give involves Victor Hugo's class Les Miserables.

7. LITERATURE.....Yes, if I thought about it, I'd say that his name looks French. However, it wasn't until I saw his burial site in the Pantheon that I realized that Louis Braille was French. Learn about the man and his alphabet in this activity brought to you by Education World.

8. HISTORY.....Facts from history are made much more personal to students when the history involves other teenagers. This lesson plan by the Holocaust Teacher Resource Center introduces the French Resistance in World War II using teenagers involved in the event.

9. HISTORY / LITERATURE.....If your students are especially interested in teenagers during World War II, they might enjoy "Un Sac de Billes" (A Bag of Marbles) by Joseph Joffo. It tells the true story of two Jewish brothers and their journey from Paris to the south of France to escape the Nazis. It's available on Amazon.com .

10. AND, OF COURSE.....Last and certainly never least, you know where to look. If you want just about anything, your first stop is always pppst.com and then wander on to see what Mr. Donn has for you

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