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Wander My World with Me - Blog
The blog started in preparation for the trip to Liberia and continued on through Moldova. This time, the stories continue as my travel and murals take me to new corners of the globe, Fiji, Nauru and Australia. Hopefully, they'll give you something to think about as you wander the world with me.
Fiji: It Never Hurts to Ask
  Have Ticket Will Travel, Have No Ticket Will Still Travel
  Picking Veresa's Brain
  People Along My Path - My Kuku Friends
  Kava with the Kukus
  Lovin' Lovo
  Simi's Vasili
  Mile a Minute
  Muraling in Fiji - Mural 47
Nauru: Communication Breakdown
  The Day After
  Who Knew? Nauru
  Muraling in Nauru - Mural 48
  Saving the Best Till Last in Nauru
Australia: I Came to a Land "Down Under"
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