Fun Facts on Estonia

The name Estonia comes from the Ests people, who lived in the region in the first century AD.

Estonia is one of the three Baltic States which also includes Lithuania and Latvia. The highest point in all the Baltic States is in Estonia.  It's Munamagi, which translates as Egg Mountain.  It's 318 meters, 1043 feet or an awful lot of eggs high.

About fifty percent of Estonia is forest land.  That's not surprising in a country with 1,500 islands and 1,000 lakes.

Skype was invented in Estonia.

The flag of Estonia has three stripes.  The blue stripe represents the sky; the black stripe represents the land; and the white stripe represents freedom.

Estonia has three capitals.  Tartu is considered the cultural capital.  Parnu is the summer capital.  And, then there is Tallinn.  It's the largest city in the country and considered the official capital.

Estonia is one of the most sparsely populated countries in Europe.  It may be a good thing since per unit of area, Estonia has more meteorite craters than any other country in the world.

The national animal of Estonia is the Barn Swallow.