Activities about Ecuador

1. Engineering ........ For a wealth of information about the Inca empire ranging from roads, history, Machu Picchu and farming, check out the inforamtion provided by Engineering Degree Guides.

2. History ....... If you are interested in the Inca civilization and artifacts, a good place to start is with National Geographic.

3. Science ........ If you are particularly interested in the Galapagos, I researched helpful links when I painted murals in the islands.

4. Social Studies ........ A collection of lessons by Wayne State University focuses on New Year's customs around the world. Ecuador is included and worth a look, even if you don't want to have a fire in your classroom.

5. Geography ........ Ecuador has one of the world's highest concentration of volcanoes. To learn more about these, turn to Discovery Education for lessons, vocabulary and age appropriate suggestions.

6. Geography ........ As in many parts of the world, the rights of indigenous people are both important and controversial. Many people in Ecuador still speak Quechua, the language of the Incas, as well as other Amerindian languages. The lesson by PBS introduces students to some of the issues.

7. Art ........ This activity on Hotchalk caught my attention because it involved food. However, I lost my appetite when the bread was mixed with food. I didn't, however, lose any interest in the activity.

8. Art ........ I always like to see what Princeton offers in art activities. This lesson on Inca masks looks interesting. I would prefer a little more information of the steps of the process, but it has potential.

9. Literature ........ I couldn't resist this one. If you are teaching about rhyming words, you might just have to check out Is Your Mama a Llama? I couldn't tell who hosted the lesson but it was written by Holly Stachler.


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