A Very Special Thanks to the People who made this Experience possible in Costa Rica

Marvin -- long time friend and my connection to Earth University

Mau, Andrea and Gabriel -- gracious hosts, tour guides and airport chauffeurs

Melissa -- thank you for listening to Marvin and jumping into action

Students, Faculty, Staff, Drivers, and everyone else from Earth University who so graciously welcomed me to Costa Rica

La Lucha -- students, parents, teachers and directora for all your help

John -- one of the few who says he wants to help and actually does so

Santa Rosa -- for the welcome into your school for "mi equipo"

Victor -- for the funniest mural photo I've ever taken

David, Franklin, and Gerard -- for so much more English than I expected

Tobias -- for my introduction to Rice and Beans, Limon style

Dennis, Warner, Mikael, Domingo and Jonathan -- guides to zip my little doo dah

Felipe -- my Felipe!

Everyone I met who knew how to speak any English, no matter what level!