Murals 23 in San Jose, Costa Rica

The last time I was in Costa Rica, my friend Mau held church services in the quiet little neighborhood of Moravia.  They rented the top floor of a small building for worship.  It was just around the corner from his mother's house where I had a lot of fun with his family.

Well, that was a long time ago.  There was nothing quiet about Moravia any more.  That small church space was now a pizzeria. His mother's home was replaced by a Chinese restaurant.  And, Mau and his congregation purchased a lot in a new location.

Upon arrival, I was given a tour and shown the nursery where the mural was to go.  On the left and the right walls, another artist had painted animals in pairs, each set about a yard apart.  However, the wall in between them was blank.  Before I even had a chance to think about it, Mau suggested a scene with Noah.  Then, I didn't need to think at all.  It was perfect.  And, with a slanting wall to paint my mural upon, the ark on Mt. Ararat was a perfect fit.

The Tico volunteers who painted in Nicaragua turned out in full force for the painting at their church.  It didn't hurt that the project fell during their school holiday.  That was no accident.  Still, getting teenagers to give up any part of their holiday is a major accomplishment any time.  It was such an easy experience.  They knew what to do immediately and set about it without any kind of questions.  I love it when the work is that easy.

Many other members of the congregation showed up to paint, too. So, as hoped for, I met so many more Ticos and had one more wonderful time painting another wall.