Activities about Central America

1. Environment     I saw a few wild animals in the rainforest including a couple kind of monkeys, an armadillo, and racoon.  I didn't see the Poison Dart Frog, even though it was high on my wish list. The North Carolina Museum of Art provides art lessons on the rainforest. 

2. Environment     One of the endangered species in the waters of Central America and the rest of the world is the Leatherback Turtle. This lesson by National Geographic introduces students to this animal by plotting their migration.

3. Environment     The rainforests are being destroyed at the alarming rate of two football fields a second. This website by has lesson plans and a wealth of information about rainforests.

4. Environment     I love the question posted by this PBS website. Why so many frogs? My answer would be because there are so many insects for them to eat.

5. Art     Animal pinch clay pots, inspired by pre-Columbian artifacts in the region, are a great activity for elementary students.  Kathy Grimm provides a lesson for clay pinch pots.  It can easily be modified to focus on pre-Columbian pottery.

6. Art      Molas, from Panama, are beautiful cloth pictures of animals.  However, in this lesson by Blick Art, students can make their own molas with construction paper.  And, if molas don't float your boat, the page has a lot of other ideas from different corners of the globe.