A Very Special Thanks to the People who made this Experience possible in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

John K. - for paving the way to Africa this go around

Bill - for making introductions when they were needed

- who made all things possible

- a rare friend willing to go to the airport at 3:30 A.M.

To all my gracious hosts in the Democratic Republic of the Congo including Bishop Ntambo, Pastor NKimba, Gaston and Elliott

Sebastien and Steven
- translators and welcomed friends

The children at the Kamina Children's Home, friends, painters & hosts

Kyungu and Michel, footwashers

- the next bishop, my favorite Euchre partner, and chef coach

Amie and Fils
- a reason to cross the street

John B.
- patient right hand and appreciated listening ear

Sebastien and Steven, translators even before the mural began