Activities about the Democratic Republic of the Congo

1. Social Studies     For Map Skills, the Perkins School for the Blind shares information about teaching tactile map skills.

2. Social Studies     Peace Corps Volunteers form links in the community that a tourist will never experience. This site, I Had a Hero Lesson, is inspired by a volunteer's service in Zaire.

3. Social Studies     Really interested in a great travel experience?  Good with languages?  (I'm not.)  But, if you want to get started in Swahili, here's a site that could make your visit to the DRC a whole lot easier. If Swahili doesn't work for you, you can always try Lingala.

4. Social Studies     HubPages offers an array of information of both West and Central Africa here. Food is always a success in the classroom. Skip on down to lesson 13 to find about the DRC and learn how to cook plantains. In Africa they can replace French fries and potato chips.

5. Art     Masks are found wherever you go looking for souvenirs in the DRC. If you can't buy one for every student in your class, have them research authentic details and put them into their own paper maché creations.