A Very Special Thanks to the People who made this Experience possible in Brazil

Geremias and Dalillah -- dreamers who had the vision     

Family in Campo "Mural" -- Alisson, Viviane, Mini Vivi, Elber, and Caio     

Midnight in Marumbi Partiers -- Esdras, Bianca, Lucas, and so many more!     

Ivan -- for possibly the only tie I've worn this decade, obrigado     

JAA Mambore -- for fund-raising dedication beyond expectations     

Radio Uniao RM -- for a very long - very fun - interview     

Teachers, Staff, Students and Residents -- at APAE, Barbosa Ferraz     

APAE Friends -- Lucas, Waleffe, and Lucilene
Claudinei -- for a moment never to forget     

My Right Hands -- Bino and Vidoto     
My JAA Painters -- Vini-Amor, Grasshopper, Amanda, Walter, Gabriel, John Lukas, Esdras, Daniel, Consuelo, Dani and Melendi     

Travelers to Curitiba -- Dimas, Igor, Hugo, Adrian, Bassegio, Claudeci and so many names I'll never remember     

Dr. Alisson -- for medical services rendered     

João Carlos and Three Men in Black -- João Vitor, Felipe and Rikelmi     

The New Mayor of Campo "Mural" -- for my next ticket to Brasil