A Very Special Thanks to the People who made this Experience possible in Brazil

Geremias and Dalillah -- dreamers who had the vision     

Gabriel -- my initial greeting into Brasil     

Eight Strangers -- (later family) who came to the airport twice, including João Carlos & the Men in Black (João Vitor, Felipe and Rikelmi)     

Family in Campo "Mural" -- Alisson, Viviane, Mini Vivi, Elber and Caio the entire JAA family -- too many to name, too wonderful to forget     

Teachers, Staff and Students -- at Escola Municipal José Arno Turke School     

My Artists -- Bino and Walter     

My Right Hands -- so many!!  Esdras, Vini-Amor, Grasshopper, and Vidoto     

Brasilan Dancers -- Eduardo, Duda, Allan, Vini-Amor, Jaque, Mari, Thais, Alissa & Jeferson, Geovanna, Jeferson, Esdras, João Carlos, Consuela, Jaqui (the k.i.u.t.t.), Michelly, Jean and a cast of over 400 JAA students who danced with me at A Gincana     

Alisson -- Translator and Miracle Worker