What's Cooking?  Brasilian Recipes

There is no bad food in Brasil.  Okay, that isn’t entirely true.  But, I’m a picky eater.  I don’t do things like insects, snakes, rats, cats, dogs, and monkeys that are eaten in other parts of the world when I eat.  Yes, I know protein is protein and it shouldn’t matter.  That’s head knowledge and not stomach knowledge.  It does matter to me.  But since I didn’t have to worry about any foods like those listed, there was a lot of good food to eat in Brasil.

But, I also know that Brasilians eat stomach.  That’s also on my “don’t eat unless absolutely necessary not to offend your host” list.  Why eat something that tastes like rubber if you don’t have to?  However, there was really only one thing I didn’t like in my three weeks in Brasil.  One dish had bacon, which I loved, and pig skin, which I swallowed whole because I didn’t know what else to do with it. Other than that, it was a delicious three weeks in South America.

My hosts ate out a lot.  It was both wonderful and unique.  I especially loved their barbecues with huge slabs of ribs and thick steak.  I also had hamburgers which included corn, pizza topped with shoestring potato chips, freshly squeezed sugar cane/pineapple juice, and sweet pizza which had nothing to do with pizza.  It was a brittle pita bread, slathered with Nutella, and topped with strawberries.  It was delicious, but not pizza.

Batata Gratinada
Feijão Carioca
Fried Polenta