Activities about Brasil

1. CULTURE & GEOGRAPHY ...... A View of Brazil is a lesson in pdf format with a wealth of information by a fifth grade bilingual teacher, Augustin Lara.

2. PRESCHOOL. ...... Activities and coloring sheets for young learners by UK Activity Village.

3. GEOGRAPHY. ...... The Royal Geographical Society provides several lessons that focus on Brazil, the climate, the people, the daily life and the rainforest.

4. GEOGRAPHY ...... Journey with PBS to the Amazon, the world's second longest river, with these lessons.

5. ENVIRONMENT ...... In this lesson by Rainforest Alliance, even young learners are introduced to the concept of conservation.

6. ENVIRONMENT ...... TED provides a unit for elementary teaches on the rainforest.

7. SOCIAL SCIENCES and ART ...... Create a rain stick to hear the sounds of the rainforest in this lesson by Gift of Curiosity.

8. SOCIAL SCIENCES ...... Carnival is introduced in this lesson by NC Migrant Education Social Studies.

9. ART ...... Brazil is famous for its celebration of Carnival.  While this lesson focuses on Puerto Rico, the idea of mask making by Smithsonian Education could easily transfer to a study of Brazil.

10. MARDI GRAS ...... It's a Catholic holiday.  So, why not use a lesson on Mardi Gras from Teaching Catholic Kids.

11. DANCE ...... Explore the music and movement of Brasil with the lesson from Smithsonian Folkways.

12. SPORTS ...... Capoeria, a Brazilian martial arts where music and dance are included, is introduced in by Smithsonian Folkways.

13. FOOD ...... And, if you want to add a little Brazilian food to your classroom, here are some sources for just that. And, there are so many! Explore All Recipes, Brazilian, BBC Good Food, Food Network, Epicurious (Photo Gallery), Easy and Delish, BuzzFeed, SBS Brazilian Recipes, Olivia's Cuisine, and Saveur for starters.