Murals 2 and 3 in Antwerp, Belgium

Okay, I know that many students only reply, "Nothing!" when their parents ask what happened at school today.  But, at least one of my young artists told her mother about the mural I painted in Africa over the summer.  I know that because Madeleine came to see me shortly after the school year began. 

Madeleine volunteered at Zenith, a refugee center not far from my home.  I'd never heard of it, but there was a lot I never heard of since I couldn't speak Dutch.  Madeleine thought that if I could paint a mural in Africa, I could certainly do the same thing in Belgium.

And, she was right.

I quickly designed two murals, one with an Antwerp theme and the other with a Zenith theme.  The organization helped newly arrived people in the Antwerp area with food, clothing, blankets, and anything else they might need in their new lives far from home.

Getting painters to join in the project was no problem at all.  I selected a few of the best artists in my middle and high school classes.  And, when word got out about the project, other kids came looking for me.  I was so pleased and proud of their willingness to help others.  Not only were they willing and eager, these twenty kids were willing and eager on a Saturday morning.

January in Antwerp is not my favorite time of the year.  And, at the Zenith Center, it was freezing inside and outside of the building.  Our murals were in the entrance waiting room at Zenith.  We had two space heaters running the whole time.  I can't say that they made it warm.  They just made it less cold.  But, we had hot chocolate, warm pizza, and a cool time in that very cold building.